Masses of online marketers offer only a part of what is actually understood as marketing. Their actions often times solely include the product placement (SEO, ads, ..) without considering the big picture.

If you hire them, you’re rolling a dice: Either your business’s foundations are set right and you win, or every shortcoming will be magnified and make you pay dearly.

Academic knowledge in marketing (at its minimum) has a strict claim: The “4 P’s” and the “USP”.

A) USP – Unique Selling Proposition. Make or break your strategy

The name is self-explanatory. The USP gives your product a recognition value that sets it apart from the competition.

Examples of this (related to plastic surgery) can be very diverse, from special post- OP care that might include high- class cosmetics for the scars, special software that can simulate the end result for the patient, to unique customer care. The USP might also be your unique experience or a low- cost offers.

Without a defined USP, your advertisements will fall on deaf ears. Good marketers will ALWAYS ask for a USP or suggest a suitable USP.

B) 4 P’s

1. Product

2. Price

3. Placement

4. Promotion

Marketing is EXCLUSIVELY concerned with marketing the 1) right product at the 2) right price in 3) the right places with the 4) right promotional measures.

No more, no less.

And now honestly, what have you been offered and pitched as marketing so far?

Each chain is only as strong as its weakest link, this applies above all to marketing.

If you decide to hand over the marketing of your beauty practice to a marketing agency for a generally high amount, make sure that your contact person asks questions about points 1) – 4) and makes appropriate suggestions for suitable actions .

Enough theory. How do points 1) – 4) manifest in practice?

1) Product

The main focus is on the product. In your case, there are different treatments to beautify your patients. Your product or package should always be created holistically and solve the complexity of the object for your customer.

Good marketers will ALWAYS ask about the customer journey of the whole product in order to see the product from the eyes of their customers.

2) Price

The price always necessarily correlates with your target group, which must be an essential part of the marketing strategy. If you know your target group, it will be easier to market the products from point 1) more precisely.

3) Placement

In modern marketing, the placement takes place predominantly on digital platforms (website, social media, etc.). SEO (Search engine optimization) software ensures better ranking in a google search and hence, belongs to a “placement” tool.

Have you already been pitched only “SEO”/ Social media advertising/ Social Media management or what not services as marketing? Don’t get me wrong, the mentioned services work and are helpful marketing tools.

In this post, however, you can see what the marketers have actually NOT considered if you were only sold those services as “marketing”.

4) Promotion

The promotion is a bundle of different sales measures, from advertisements to special packages and price reductions.

Promotion (in most cases advertising) is often the only thing that bad marketers offer. Instead of the marketing mix mentioned above, only advertisements are placed.

Don’t get me wrong – ads can work! However, only if a USP was clearly defined and the P’s 1) – 3) were taken into account. If the operators of beauty clinics have properly implemented these variables (knowingly or unknowingly), promotional measures will work. Often this is not the case and cosmetic surgeons burn a lot of money with bad marketers.


“Marketing” is a clearly defined process that must include components such as the “USP” and the 4 P’s.

However, this framework is only taught in the academic field and rarely finds its way into private education / seminars in the field of marketing.

Good marketers who pitch services to you will ALWAYS ask about the “USP” and components of the “4P’s”.

Advertisements are only a fragment of marketing and may not be offered as a holistic marketing service.

Social media posts are NOT marketing measures and can only be used as a small marketing fragment for communication.

Don’t waste time on marketers who don’t take the whole context of your practice into account.